Apollo produces three types of reports i.e. Coverage Intelligence Reports, Media Planning Reports and Special Reports.

  Coverage Intelligence Reports

Bespoke reports prepared specifically for the customer analysing its
performance against a set of competitors:

  • Share of coverage
  • The story lines that drove the most coverage
  • Technology audiences reached
  • Journalist gap analysis
  • Media gap analysis
  • Analysis of topics covered
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  Media Planning Guides

  • Media Planning Reports
    • Essential reference guide to any marketing, PR or advertising executive
    • Over 500 reports to choose from.
    • Updated annually.
    • Contents include:
      • The top media read by the key audience
      • The top influencers and writers followed by the key audience
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  Special Reports

Special Reports

A range of different reports, some paid for but most free which explore different aspects of the coverage of the technology industry, for example:

    • The top influencers for a target audience
    • The top spokespeople in the security industry
    • The companies, media, journalists and analysts connected to the coverage of specific tech topics
    • Top writers in the USA and UK
    • The companies most often associated with a a key technology topic
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