How Security Vendors get coverage in the nationals

Most cybersecurity companies would like to get coverage in the national press. It’s a PR strategy that makes sense because in this world of fragmented media, national news outlets still deliver high numbers of readers and, in the case of security companies, high numbers of readers who also happen to be security decision makers such as CISOs. In fact half of the top ten news outlets that CISOs read in the UK are national news sources. Despite this ambition, not many security vendors succeed and even fewer succeed on a regular basis. The reason for this is that the nature of almost all coverage for security companies in the nationals is a symbiotic relationship between the breaking story and what the vendor can contribute to that story. It is rarely about the security vendor and stories about its products and services are even harder to find. Read More

Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in March 2018

One of the most dramatic events of the year has to be the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach. Not only has it ignited conversations around the security and ethics of data across every country and sector, but it has seen Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, come under microscopic analysis. It has certainly started a trend – ethics and privacy are being scrutinised, motives questioned and sources analysed. Most of the security experts that appeared in the news over the past month have been tied to the Facebook conversation, however, there are still a few other significant crises and lapses in judgement that have taken centre stage. Read More

Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in February 2018

The cybercrime landscape is littered with landmines, hidden caches, dark warnings, gloomy clouds and ominous red stains. The detritus of all successful attacks lying across the broken defences and walls of business, user and government organisation. For the security experts in the news for February 2018, the experts are all looking down the barrels of a thousand smoking guns. Tavis Ormandy, security researcher at Google’s Project Zero, uncovered a high-risk bug in the Grammarly Chrome extension that allowed the site to access extensive quantities of user data. Jérôme Segura, lead malware intelligence analyst at Malwarebytes, along with many other of the top names this month, discusses the spate of web browser cryptomining hacks that have hit the world. Sudden slowdowns in device and system performance are the only hint at the possibility that cryptominers have used a software hijack to steal your processing power for cryptomining. Read More

Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in January 2018

Our latest report on Security Experts in The News covers January 2018 which was a busy month for the security industry. The discovery of Spectre and Meltdown sent every big name scurrying, especially Intel which was vulnerable to both flaws. Meltdown, it seems, was targeted directly at the leading chip manufacturer. Within the flurry of patch and firmware, both Microsoft and Intel saw some backlash. The former because systems from before 2015 were likely to see a significant slow down thanks to the patches, the latter because of relentless reboots caused by a bug in the firmware update. Both companies appear to be working hard at repairing the damage, for their corporate customers at least, but this explains why Navin Shenoy, Intel Vice President and Stephen Smith, head of Intel’s data centre engineering, along with Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group, sit in first, fifth and fourth spots respectively. Read More

Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in December 2017

The security limelight in December shone brightly when it came to accusations, attacks and unpleasant discoveries. The Kaspersky Lab accusation and rebuttal fire continues to rage unchecked across the USA with Trump signing a Kaspersky Lab ban for government use into law. Eugene Kaspersky has now been pulled onto UK television to refute the claims made against his software and he continues to be open in both statement and availability, suggesting that perhaps the Kaspersky Lab drama is an attempt to discredit his company. Read More