Top 20 technology companies with biggest coverage uplift in January 2020

Each month Apollo Research takes a look at the press coverage of more than one thousand technology companies to see whether the volume of their coverage has increased or decreased compared to previous months.

In January we tracked 1,002 companies of which 496 (49.5%) increased their volume of coverage when compared to December 2019. In this post we take a look at the twenty technology companies that had the largest uplifts in percentage terms, and the reasons behind the increases most of which are positive but they can also be not so positive.

The chart shows the full list of twenty companies that experienced the highest uplifts.

Genesys were top of this list and the stories that drove its increase over December were its renaming of flagship cloud SaaS solution, PureCloud; the appointment of Gwilym Funnell as Asia Pacific SVP; and the expansion of its partnership with Microsoft for a new Customer Experience platform. 

E Ink had one main story driver which was the announcement that Lenovo were using its technology its ThinkBook Plus dual-screen laptop.

The main driver of the NSO Group’s coverage was the report that the FBI were investigating NSO Group's spyware which was used in high-profile international hacks.

Wacom’s uplift came from its launch of its most affordable tablet yet at CES 2020.

FireEye had three main stories this month: the acquisition of cloud governance firm, Cloudvisory; FireEye Mandiant launching two new security services; and its involvement in analysing and developing a new tool for detection of compromised Citrix ADC systems.

Both of Qlik’s main story drivers were associated with acquisitions. Firstly buying RoxAI, and then announcing the rebranding of Attunity Solutions following its acquisition.

Citrix saw the biggest volume increase but the situation for them was not great as it coped with the fall out from the discovery that thousands of companies had potentially been affected by a vulnerability in Citrix ADC systems. The story ran throughout the month as Citrix launched patches to fix the problem. Citrix also received coverage when they launched their next-generation Performance Analytics Service. Further good news came along in the month as it was revealed that Citrix had beaten Q4 earnings estimates.

Quantum’s coverage came mainly on the launch of their expanded NVMe Storage appliance range. They also introduced highly secure ransomware protection packs.

D-Link announced a number of new products around CES2020: 5G fixed wireless kit supporting up to 3 Gbit/s, new range of Wi-Fi routers with mesh system and Wi-Fi 6, new D-Link home security cameras featuring onboard AI, mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug and enterprise offering of Nuclias Connect. A busy month!

Mimecast acquired Segasec in January which accounted for the vast majority of its coverage.

Much of , Extreme Networks’ coverage came from its partnership with TCS to transform its HR function. In addition it announced a solution to simplify retail cloud networks and also upgraded NFL's Titans stadium to WiFi 6.

One of the biggest stories for Cooler Master this month was that it had redesigned its thermal paste to alleviate parental concern who believed that their kids were on drugs. In addition they launched a number of new products with the G200P low profile cooler receiving most attention.

Xerox were another company who received huge amounts of coverage in January as they prepared and launched their hostile takeover bid of HP.

Hitachi Vantara’s drivers were its creation of a digital competitive edge and its acquisition of Waterline Data.

As with a lot of technology research companies Canalys get a lot of coverage from their analysis and predictions and January was a good month for them with a reports on how the PC market had returned to growth in 2019 as well as how the global smartphone had grown again in Q4 2019. Its prediction that smart device shipments would exceed 3 billion in 2023 also got traction. Canalys also named Kaspersky top in its channel satisfaction report. 

Cloudflare had a lot to shout about in January. They acquired browser isolation startup, S2 Systems for $39.2 million. They joined together with GitHub and Mozilla to ask that the Indian government be transparent about changes in its intermediary liability rules. They launched Cloudflare for Campaigns, a free service designed to protect U.S. election campaigns and they announced a partnership with Vapor IO to deploy a US edge network.

Avnet’s coverage was dominated by its acquisition by Rockwell Automation. Before that news was announced they had also received a lot of coverage for the launch of its IoT Partner Program.

The main driver of Zebra Technologies’ coverage was the story that they had chosen LevaData to manage its on the edge materials sourcing.

Much of Zoho’s coverage came from heavy Twitter criticism of Zoho’s CEO, Sridhar Vembu, who attended a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s event. Less contentious coverage came from news around its ZohoDay 2020 event.

GoDaddy had a good uplift in January thanks to debate around its new logo. In addition it also acquired content creation app, Over, which added to its volume.

Here are the links to all the companies in this top 20: Avnet, Canalys, Citrix, Cloudflare, Cooler Master, D-Link, E Ink, Extreme Networks, FireEye, Genesys, GoDaddy, Hitachi Vantara, Mimecast, NSO Group, Qlik, Quantum, Wacom, Xerox, Zebra Technologies, Zoho.

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