Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in November 2017

While August, September and October seemed to be the months where the security pins were set up for all to see, November appears to be the month where security experts are primarily quoted as they appear before congress and answer for their corporate sins. The fallout from the various hacks that hit Uber, AWS, Verizon, Yahoo, Equifax and more is spiralling outwards as more holes and hacks are found, and more companies are battling to find ways of justifying the leaks or finding ways to fix them. In the infographic below, you can see the top 10 security people mentioned the most in the US press throughout November – for a full list of those in the UK and USA link here.

This month, the conversations around hacks, breaches, congress, spying, ethics and rights seems to have intensified significantly. A point emphasised by the leading influencer in the list for November – Chris Vickery. The director of cyber risk research at UpGuard featured in Threatpost, The Register, CIO, CBS News and International Business Times due to his discovery of the AWS holes, the Pentagon data leak and the big, fat Red Disk data leak.

Troy Hunt remains one of the most prominent influencers within the security space right now, this month sitting in second spot for his work with Mozilla. Matthew Prince of Cloudflare is openly engaging in debate around online privacy and freedom of speech, while BJ Jenkins of Barracuda Networks is in the news for their recent purchase of Sonian.

In last month’s report, Verizon remained a hot topic of conversation and that hasn’t dimmed in November even slightly. Marissa Mayer was subpoenaed to congress to discuss the Yahoo breach and Karen Zacharia, Chief Privacy Officer at Verizon, was not far behind and takes fourth place in the top 10.

The CEO and Founder of Kaspersky Labs, Eugene Kaspersky is still popular in the media. This is not only due to the circling allegations of the company’s links to Russia, but to fresh allegations around how the Kaspersky system picks up non-malicious files from computers it is installed on. If nothing else, this new information has fanned the proverbial flames licking at the base of the Kaspersky building.

A summary of the remaining four includes:

  • Richard Salgado and Kent Walker – the U.S. Senate hearings into Russian propaganda
  • Dmitri Alperovitch – the hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from banks over the past three years
  • Rajiv Gupta – his move to join the leadership team at McAfee now that Skyhigh Networks has been acquired by the security firm

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