Top 10 Security Experts in the US news in March 2018

One of the most dramatic events of the year has to be the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach. Not only has it ignited conversations around the security and ethics of data across every country and sector, but it has seen Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, come under microscopic analysis. It has certainly started a trend – ethics and privacy are being scrutinised, motives questioned and sources analysed. Most of the security experts that appeared in the news over the past month have been tied to the Facebook conversation, however, there are still a few other significant crises and lapses in judgement that have taken centre stage.

In the infographic below, you can see the top 10 security experts who have received the highest traction in the news for January.  Elizabeth Denham of the Information Commissioner’s Office, Daniel Ives of GBH Insights, Dan Guido of Trail of Bits, Yaron Luk Zilberman of CTS Labs, and Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned dominate the top five, for good reason. The AMD flaws that were released by CTS Labs and verified by Trail of Bits have kicked off some debate around the ethics of the report’s release and the motives behind it. Meanwhile Denham has had plenty of engaging conversations around the readiness of organisations for the impact of the GDPR, the release of personal data to Facebook from WhatsApp, and the ethics of Google’s stance in the Right To Be Forgotten trial.

If you would like to see the full list of those who feature in the news in the UK and USA then CLICK HERE.

A summary of the remaining names includes:

  • Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft – the very important conversation around cloud privacy and the US government access to data
  • Ulf Frisk, Security Researcher, Handelsbanken – on how the Windows 7 Meltdown patch introduces an even worse vulnerability
  • Matthew Prince, CEO, Cloudflare – the company is putting its money on ARM servers as it expands its data centre network
  • Larry Ponemon, founder, Ponemon Institute – how organisations are still battling with cybersecurity incident response, the ‘disgusting’ abuse of privacy in the Facebook mess and IoT
  • Jay Chaudhry, founder, Zscaler – the impressive 106% rise of the company on its first day of trading

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