The top 15 analysts and writers followed by the USA’s industry analysts

In our latest piece of research we have taken a look at the people, media and organisations that influence 1,212 (the sample) industry analysts based in the USA. The full findings of the research can be found in our report which you can download for free.

The research looks at who the sample follow on Twitter, and it is clear from our findings that the people that industry analysts follow the most are, predictably, their fellow industry analysts. In the overall top 200 influencers (see report) there are 65 analysts. The chart below shows the top 15:

It’s worth remembering that people follow who they choose to follow on Twitter, and they select the people, media and organisations that interest them. These are the 15 analysts that their peers have chosen with Ray Wang at the top of the list by quite a distance.

However, bearing in mind that there are over 1,000 industry analysts that are followed by 2 or more analysts in the sample, these 15 are the ones that resonate most with their peers. If you would like to see the other 50 analysts that made the top 200 influencer list then feel free to download the accompanying report.

If you’re more interested in the influencers of UK analysts, don’t worry: last month we produced an equivalent report, focusing entirely on that community, which you can also download for free from our site.

The 15 tech writers that analysts follow the most

Whilst analysts certainly follow their peers to stay informed about what’s happening in the technology industry, another influencer group that are followed closely by them are the technology writers.

The list below show the top 15 technology writers most followed by industry analysts.

At the top of this list by some considerable distance is Walt Mossberg whose following amongst the analyst community is nearly as high as Ray Wang, reflecting the respect that analysts have for his opinions.

In total, there are over 1,600 writers that are followed by two or more industry analysts and these are the top 15. A range of specialist subjects are catered for with this group of writers with real specialists such as Stacey Higginbotham (IoT) and Brian Krebs (security) in the top half of the list

A more in depth analysis of the top 30 tech writers is available in the report which also highlights the top 200 people, media and organisations that are most followed by the US industry analysts.
The free report looks at a number of influencer groups that are important to the analysts such as:

    • Industry analysts
    • Technology writers
    • Technology news feeds
    • Business news feeds
    • Marketing and PR and execs
    • Analyst relations execs and teams
    • Technology vendors
    • Analyst firms

… and much more.

We also take a peek at what interests the analysts away from technology.

  • Does Donald Trump have a greater following than Hillary Clinton?
  • Which celebrities are followed the most? …you’ll be surprised by the person at the top of that list.
  • Which sports are the most popular and which sports teams have the biggest following

It’s all there in the free report that you can download today.