The Top 10 Technology Analysts 2020

The Top 10 Technology Analysts 2020

Today we publish a list of the top 10 technology analysts who received the most press coverage in 2020 in the USA and Europe. 

Top of the list is Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy. Not only is Moorhead top, he was mentioned or quoted in 50 percent more articles than the second placed Holger Mueller of Constellation Research.



What is interesting about this list is that seven of the analysts here also appeared in a similar list that we published in 2017. On that occasion we published the top 15 and the seven that were on that list and also on this 2020 list, were Moorhead, Mueller, Rob Enderle, Ben Wood, Ray Wang, John Dinsdale and Charles King. These analysts have really nailed the volume of coverage.

Volume of coverage is one thing but audience reach is also very important and Moorhead's coverage got him in front of more CIOs, CTOs, Developers and AI/ML specialists than any other analyst. However, there were a few analysts who didn't get enough volume to get a mention in the above list but were very successful in reaching big decision making audiences. Notably, Ben Stanton, Mo Jia and Nicola Peng (all at Canalys), Carolina Milanesi (Creative Strategies) and Piers Harding-Rolls (Ampere Analysis).

In total, we at Apollo Research recorded 3,960 different technology analysts quoted over the last year. With that much competition for coverage, Patrick Moorhead's achievement in 2020 is quite exceptional.