Coronavirus and technology companies

Since the 1st January, we at Apollo Research have tracked 28,251 different press articles in the UK and USA that mention both the coronavirus and at least one technology company. 

The chart below shows the number of articles that fulfilled that criteria plotted against the declared cases of coronavirus. It clearly shows how the volume of press coverage is almost directly correlated with the number of cases.

The technology event most affected by the coronavirus outbreak was the Mobile World Congress due to be held in Barcelona was cancelled on 12th February.  Many of the mobile device companies scheduled to exhibit at the event are now finding other ways to announce launches and product updates which were originally scheduled for the event.

However, the main emphasis when reporting the issues caused by this virus has been the affect it has had on the supply chains for many of the technology companies. For example, there was considerable concern over Foxconn’s ability to produce Apple’s iPhones, although that concern has reduced in recent days.

It’s also interesting to see that companies producing collaboration and conferencing products such as Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft and Slack have had plenty of coverage as journalists address how employees can work from home.

Finally, we take a look the topics that appeared in those technology/coronavirus articles. Many of the topics in this list reflect the serious impact that the virus is having on the technology industry and industry as a whole. Many of the stories are highlighting the affect that the country shutdowns will have on supply chains, employees, consumers, retailers and small businesses. These articles are calling on many analysts, researchers and experts to highlight the dangers which are focused. There is a lot of speculation on the economic damage that this pandemic is likely to cause.

We'll keep a close look on this subject to see how it evolves.

The companies mentioned in this post are: Adobe, Amazon, AMD, Apple, Cisco, Dell, E3, Ericsson, Foxconn, Google, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nokia, NTT, NVIDIA, Oracle, Salesforce, Samsung, SAP, Slack, Sony, Verily, World Mobile Congress, Zoom, ZTE.