Analyst Source from Apollo
Your essential analyst research tool…

As an AR Professional you need fast and reliable access to the most up to date analyst information – who’s commenting, in what sector, what did they say, where and when?

Analyst Source is an online subscriber based service providing access to information on 230 analyst companies and 3,000 analysts quoted in the US and European technology media – the essential tool for AR professionals.

The service allows you to locate information quickly and easily via a simple but powerful search tool. Details of individual analysts and companies are fully cross referenced, by a wide range of criteria and include links to biographies and the articles in which they were quoted. It also allows you to keep track of which analysts are tweeting and what they are saying.

If you already know your sector inside out, Analyst Source helps you stay on top of the game by ensuring analysts are not missed. If you need to work on an unfamiliar sector it allows you to build reliable target lists quickly and with confidence, saving hours of valuable research time.

Who uses Analyst Source and why?

Internal analyst relations executives use the service to track known analysts and keep up-to-speed on new analysts within their sector.

Analyst specialists at PR and AR agencies use the service on behalf of their clients and to help win business. Since the service covers the whole of the technology industry they can use it to research any area of special interest or gain vital background information for a new business pitch.

Vendor and agencies use the service extensively because it improves their AR and saves them huge amounts of time.
“The research pays for itself by helping us identify where to concentrate our efforts and ensure we’re not overlooking relevant influencers”
Jan Hof – Extreme Networks

Find out….

  • Which analysts are important in your sector?
  • Where those analysts are based?
  • Which journalists quote which analysts?
  • Which journalists & media quote which analysts?
  • What analysts think about a particular subject?
  • Which analysts are aligned to which companies?
  • Which other areas do the analysts specialise in?
  • What an analyst said in a particular article?

And use the report to….

  • Identify the right analysts quickly.
  • Check analysts are not being missed.
  • Build target lists for unfamiliar sectors.
  • Track what the Analysts say.
  • Understand what the Analyst thinks.
  • Help brief spokespeople on the right angle.
  • Challenge negative views.
  • Use the positive opinions in your marketing.
  • Bring AR and PR together.

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